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Young black bamboo (read more on Phyllostachys nigra)  
About Bamboo by Early Japanese Women Poets
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Let us plant / in a warrior's garden. / May you become bows, may you become arrows / clumps of bamboo / of ten thousand years. - Takabatake Shikibu
Hidden orchids and tall bamboo -- / they are two of a kind. / Under the window I burn incese / reading the "Women's Admonishments." / Who speaks of painting only in terms of resemblance? / The tip of my brush records the essence of winter. - Cho Koran
The first winter rain -- / the bamboo / somewhere in the dawn. - Chiyo-ni
I repeat my vow / in unchanging colors of / the ageless bamboo -- / which still creates ten thousand / generations of shadows. - Gyokuran
Tapping the gourd / every night / the bamboo is uplifted. - Chiyo-ni
One must bend / in the floating world / snow on the bamboo. - Chiyo-ni
You rose / with eastern clouds / and left. / The dew on bamboo leaves / has longer stayed with me. - Izumi Shikibu
"I only love to paint bamboo / its greenness / reflected on my garment." - Ema Saiko
Flowers wither, but a fresh green appears; / the change of seasons causes tears to stain my clothes. / I remember cherries and bamboo shoots prepared in a kitchen far away, my sisters and family lack one member. - Cho Koran
This gentleman / grows and grows / auspiciously: / learn from him / and you will ever flourish. - Otagaki Rengetsu
("bamboo crab" is the name of a spider)

Tonight is the night / my young love will come to me: / little bamboo crab / spider's antics make it clear./ Oh, very clear tonight. - Princess Sotori
What are you saying? / That we can't meet -- / not even for a time / brief as the space between joints / on the reeds of Naniwa? - Lady Ise
At the sound of wind / rustling bamboo leaves / near the window / short is my nap / and its dream. - Princess Shikishi
A short night -- / outside the window / bamboo rustles / a hint of autumn / while I sleep. - Princess Shikishi
Tonight / as hail falls / on bamboo leaves / rustling, rustling / how can I sleep alone? - Izumi Shikibu
Veils of light mist / envelop the curving inlet / weeping willows luxuriantly green / pomegranates blossom red. / With bamboo blinds rolled up / for a time I do nothing / sitting and facing the mountains -- / the spring rain. - Cho Koran
(In Chinese poetry, the bamboo is often compared to the dragon.)

A wind swept through the garden, a little chilly, / swaying the tops of new bamboo, green, / playing with dragon's whiskers. / And just imagine, it cast a shadow on the window paper, / an exact copy of a Hsiao Hsiang painting scroll. - Ema Saiko
Who might dwell there? / Who has fixed his abode / at the foot of the hill, / with none for neighbor / save a lovely bamboo grove? - Abutsu-ni
A short night: / outside the window / black bamboos sway, / a touch of autumn / while I sleep light. - Princess Shikishi
There were tasteful clumps of black bamboo just outside and the dew shone as in more familiar places. - Murasaki Shikibu, Tale of Genji
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