Sandhill Crane Chick, Alaska
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Circuit IV - (24) (Preface) There is a Solitude of Space (J-1695) (F-1696)

(1) There is a solitude of space  
A solitude of sea
(2) A solitude of death, but these  
Society shall be
(3) Compared with that profounder site  
That polar privacy
(4) A soul admitted to itself —  
Finite infinity.

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1-4) "Opinion is a flitting thing, but truth outlasts the sun — if then
we cannot own them both, possess the oldest one."
~ (L #625) (J-1455) (F-1495)
(1-4) "Between my country — and the others — there is a sea —
but flowers — negotiate between us — as ministry."
~(J-0905) (F-0829)
(2-3) "Truth like ancestors' brocades can stand alone." ~ (L #368)
(ref. George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss, Ch. 12, "a brocaded
gown that would stand up empty, like a suit of armour.")
(2-4) "'Where thou goest, we will go' — how mutual, how intimate!
No solitude receives him, but neighborhood and friend."
~ (L #732) (Biblical ref. Ruth 1:16-17)
(3) "On my volcano grows the grass, a meditative spot — an acre
for a bird to choose would be the general thought — How red the
Fire rocks below — how insecure the sod did I disclose
would populate with awe my solitude." ~ (J-1677) (F-1743)
(3-4) "With thee, in the Desert — With thee in the thirst —
with thee in the Tamarind wood — Leopard breathes — at last!"
~ (J-0209) (F-0201) (Biblical ref. Ruth 1:16-17)
(Buddhist ref: The Tamarind Tree, Edgar Allan Poe ref. on Science)
(3-4) "Only a pond Lily that I tilled myself —" ~ (L #760)
(3-4) "The little garden within, though tiny, is triumphant." ~ (L #969)
(4) "The sanctity of rapture / to be —"
~ (J 1358) (F-1388)
(4) "Like fabrics of the East . . . that one should comprehend
the worth was all the price there was." ~ (J-1446) (F-1471)
(4) "Tis compound vision — light — enabling light —
the finite — furnished with the infinite." ~ (J-0906) (F-0830)
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Sandhill Crane Chick, ANWR, Alaska