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Emily Dickinson's Nature Mysticism : A Photo Poetic Labyrinth
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Circuit I - (06) Lightly Stepped a Yellow Star (J-1672) (F-1698)
(Loosed the Moon her silver hat)

(1) Lightly stepped a yellow star    
To its lofty place,
(2) Loosed the Moon her silver hat
From her lustral face.
(3) All of evening softly lit    
As an astral hall —
(4) Father, I observed to Heaven,    
You are punctual.

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1) "Go thy great way! The stars thou meetst are even as thyself."
(L #970) (J-1638) (F-1673)
(1-2) "The twilight stood, as strangers do with hat in hand,
polite and new to stay as if, or go." ~ (J-1104) (F-1104)
(2) "The moon upon her fluent route defiant of a road —"
~ (J-1528) (F-1574)
(2) "The Answer of the Sea unto the Motion of the Moon —
Herself adjust Her Tides — unto — could I — do else — with Mine?"
~ (J-0643) (F-0712)
(2-3) "Do you look out tonight? The moon rides like a girl
through a topaz town." ~ (L #247)
(3) "A something in a summer's noon — a depth, an azure, a perfume
— transcending ecstasy. And still within a summer's night a something
so transporting bright, I clap my hands to see." ~ (J-0122) (F-0104)
(3) "Pray for me...that I may yet enter into the kingdom,
that there may be room left for me in the shining courts above."
~ (L #13) (Biblcial ref. Matthew 18:3, John 14:2)
(3-4) "And the Earth, they tell me, on its axis turned — wonderful
rotation by but twelve performed!" ~ (J-0006) (F-0024)
(3-4) "You deserved a tiding, before, dear. Your little punctualities
are generous and precious." ~ (L #506)
(3-4-railway train riddle) "[It can neigh] like Boanerges — then,
punctual as a star, stop — docile and omnipotent — at its own
stable door." ~ (J-0585) (F-0383)
(4) "Earth is a merry damsel, and heaven a knight so true."
~ (J-0001) (F-0001)
(4 comparative) "The sun is one — and on the tare [weed] he doth as
punctual call as on the conscientious flower and estimates [values]
them all." ~ (J-1372) (F-1399) (biblical ref. Matthew 5:43-48)
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