Bee Scaling a Sunflower
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Circuit II - (15) (Epilogue) The Pedigree of Honey (J-1627) (F-1650)

(1) The pedigree of honey    
Does not concern the bee,
(2) Nor lineage of ecstasy    
Delay the butterfly
(3) On spangled journeys to the peak    
Of some perceiveless thing —
(4) The right of way to Tripoli    
A more essential thing.

(Below: an original manuscript version
without editing or imposed lineation.)

(1) The pedigree   
of Honey
 Does not con –
cern the Bee,
(2) Nor lineage  
of Ecstasy
Delay the Butterfly
(3) On spangled  
journeys to the
Of some per –
 ceiveless Thing –
(4) The right of  
way to Tripoli
A more essentiol
thing –

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1-2) "The founders of honey have no names." ~ (L #468)
(1-2) "By such and such an offering to Mr. So and So,
the web of life is woven." ~ (J-0038) (F-0047)
(Biblical Ref: Ruth 4:1-8)
(1-3) "He was not ambitious for redemption — that was why
it is his. "To him that hath, shall be given."
~ (L #551) (biblical ref. Matthew 13:12)
(1-4) "[A]ffection — not intellect, as is supposed, —
the exaltation of devotion." ~ (L #691)
(2) A science — so the Savants say,
"Comparative Anatomy" —
By which a single bone —
Is made a secret to unfold
Of some rare tenant of the mold,
Else perished in the stone —

So to the eye prospective led,
This meekest flower of the mead
Upon a winter's day,
Stands representative in gold
Of Rose and Lily, manifold, (*)
And countless Butterfly!
(J-0100) (F-0147) (*) biblical ref. Song of Songs 2:1)

(2) "We should not mind so small a flower except it quiet bring
our little garden that we lost back to the lawn again."
~ (J-0081) (F-0092)
(3) "Behold! said the Apostle, yet had not seen."
~ (J-1681) (F-1694) (Biblical ref. John 20:24-29)
(3) Enclosed please find my gratitude. You remember the imperceptible
has no external Face." ~ (L #391)
(3-4) "Meek at [the Alps'] everlasting feet a myriad daisy play —
which, Sir, are you, and which am I upon an August day?"
~ (J-0124) (F-0108)
(3-4) "Please tell him the 'Madonnas' I see, are those that pass the
house to their work, carrying Saviors with them." ~ (L #460)
(3-4) "My barefoot rank is better." ~ (L #265)
(1-4) Come slowly — Eden!      
Lips unused to Thee —
Bashful — sip thy Jessamines —
As the fainting Bee —

Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums —
Counts his nectars —
Enters — and is lost in Balms.
~ (J-0211) (F-0205)
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Photo Credit: ~ Pollen-Covered Honeybee
Scaling a Large Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)