Canadian Goose Preening, Hudson River
Emily Dickinson's Nature Mysticism : A Photo Poetic Labyrinth
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Circuit I - (07) (Epilogue) Though the Great Waters Sleep (J-1599) (F-1641)

(1) Though the great waters sleep,  
That they are still the deep  
We cannot doubt.
(2) No vacillating God    
Ignited this abode
To put it out.

(Below: an original manuscript version without
editing or imposed lineation.)

(1) Though the  
great Waters
That they are
still the Deep,
We cannot
(2) No vacillating  
Ignited this
To put it
  out –

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1) "That bareheaded life — under the grass —
worries one like a wasp." ~ (L #220)
(1) "The Sailor cannot see the North — but knows the Needle can." ~ (L #265)
(1) "I cannot tell how Eternity seems.
It sweeps around me like a sea." ~ (L #785)
(1) "Peter took the marine walk at the great risk." ~ (L #965)
(Biblical ref. Matthew 14:26-32)
(1) "Fathoms are sudden neighbors." ~ (L #804)
(1-2) "I find you with dusk — for day is tired, and lays her
antediluvian cheek to the hill like a child.
Nature confides now." ~ (L #503)
(1-2) "Anybody that knows grammar must admit the surpassing
splendor & force of [biblical] speech, but the fathomless gulfs
of meaning — those words which He spoke to those most
necessary to him, hints about some celestial reunion —
yearning for a oneness — has any one fathomed that sea?
~ (L #10) (biblical ref. John 10:27-30 & 39-40)
(2) "God made no act without a cause, nor heart without an aim,
our inference is premature, our premises to blame."
~ (L #357) (J-1163) (F-1192)
(2) "Fidelity never flickers —
it is the one unerring light." ~ (L #939)
(2) "The flight of such a fraction takes all our numbers home —
'Room for one more' was a plea for Heaven." ~ (L #641)
(2) "Trusty as the stars
Who quit their shining working
Prompt as when I lit them
In Genesis new house,
Durable as dawn
Whose antiquated blossom
Makes a world's suspense
Perish and rejoice."

~ (L #479) (J-1369) (F-1415)
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Photo Credit:, Canadian Goose
preening, Hudson River Park, NYC