Lamp, Gull and Sky, Hudson River Marina, NYC
Emily Dickinson's Nature Mysticism : A Photo Poetic Labyrinth
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Circuit IV - (29) No Ladder Needs the Birds but Skies (J-1574) (F-1605)

(1) No ladder needs the bird but skies    
To situate its wings,
(2) Nor any leader's grim baton
Arraigns it as it sings.
(3) The implements of bliss are few —
As Jesus says of Him,
(4) "Come unto me" the moiety    
That wafts the cherubim.

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1) "A sparrow . . . his empty plate . . . invigorated fully —
as speculations flee by no conclusion hindered — and rode immensity."
~ (J-1211 alternative) (F1257) (biblical ref: Matthew 6:25-26)
(1-4) "'Come unto me' begins in every place." ~ (L #536)
(Biblical ref. Matthew 11:28-30, Sirach 24:13-19)
(1-4) "The robin . . . does not know a route but puts her craft about
for rumored springs." ~ (J-1606) (F-1632)
(1-4) "The twilight spoke the spire. So soft upon the scene the act of
evening fell, we felt how neighborly a thing was the invisible."
~ (J-1278) (F-1225)
(2-3) "The most triumphant bird I ever knew or met embarked upon
a twig today   . . . and sang for nothing scrutable but
intimate delight." ~ (J-1265 (F-1285)
(3) "The lily of the field!" I never pass one without being
chagrined for Solomon." ~ (L #824) (Biblical ref. Matthew 6:28)
(3-4) "The angel begins in the morning of every human life.
How small the furniture of bliss!
How scant the heavenly fabric!"
~ (L #824)
(4) "The early experiences of a child are more hallowing
than we know." ~ (L #824)
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Photo Credit: ~ Lamp, Ring-Billed Gull
(Larus delawarensis) and Sky, Hudson River Marina, NYC