Eve as Mystic Visionary or Bodhisattva
Emily Dickinson's Nature Mysticism : A Photo Poetic Labyrinth
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Circuit II - (10) Let Me Not Mar That Perfect Dream (J-1335) (F-1361)

(1) Let me not mar that perfect dream  
By an Auroral stain —
(2) But so adjust my daily night  
That it will come again.

(3) Not when we know, the power accosts,  
The garment of surprise
(4) Was all our timid mother wore  
At home — in paradise.

(Below: an original manuscript version
without editing or imposed lineation.)

(1) Let me    
not mar
that perfect
By an Auroral
(2) But so  
adjust my
daily Night
that it will
come again.

(3) Not when we  
know, the
  Power accosts —
The Garment
of Surpise
(4) Was all  
our timid
Mother wore
 At Home —
in Paradise.

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1-2) (see Aurora) "Morning is due to all — to some — the night —
to an imperial few — the Auroral light." ~ (J-1577) (F-1621)
(1-2) "The suburbs of a secret a strategist should keep, better than
on a dream intrude to scrutinize the sleep." ~ (J-1245) (F-1171)
(1-2) "So — wondering — thro' the hours meek I trudge the day away —
half glad when it is night, and sleep, if, haply, thro' a dream, to peep
in parlors, shut by day." ~ (J-0103) (F-0151)
(1-4) "'Give me thine heart' is too peremptory a courtship for earth,
however irresistible in Heaven." ~ (L #608)
(1-4) "Valor in the dark is my Maker's code." ~ (L #617)
(1-4, comment describing Dickinson speaking with her hands, by her Aunt
Martha Dickinson Bianchi, from the Introduction to the Single Hound, 1914)

"She had a dramatic way of throwing up her hands
at the climax of a story or to punctuate one of her own flashes.
It was entirely spontaneous, her spirit seemed merely playing
through her body as the Aurora borealis through darkness."
(2-3) "Renunciation — is the choosing against itself —
itself to justify unto itself." ~ (J-0745) (F-0782)
(3-4) "I have lately come to the conclusion that I am Eve,
alias Mrs. Adam. You know there is no account of her death
in the Bible, and why am not I Eve?" ~ (L #009)
(3-4) "Life is the finest secret. . . . With that sublime
exception I had not clandestineness."
~ (L #354)
(3-4 unknown & home)
"So of the Flower of the Soul
Its process is unknown.
When it is found, a few rejoice
The wise convey it home."
~ (J-0945) (F-1112)
(4) "So, children, told how brooks in Eden bubbled a better — melody,
quaintly infer — Eve's great surrender." ~ (J-0503) (F-0378)
(4) "Eve gave her pretty gowns to the trees —
but they don't always wear them." ~ (Fragment #73)
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(Eve as) Mystic Visionary or Bodhisattva