Potter's Marsh, Mew Gull Chicks (Larus canus)
Emily Dickinson's Nature Mysticism : A Photo Poetic Labyrinth
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Circuit III - (Epilogue) (23) A Wind that Rose Though Not a Leaf (J-1259) (F-1216)

(1) A wind that rose though not a leaf  
In any forest stirred,
(2) But with itself did cold engage  
Beyond the realm of bird.
(3) A wind that woke a lone delight  
Like separation's swell —
(4) Restored in Arctic confidence  
To the invisible.

(Below: an original manuscript version
without editing or imposed lineation.)

(1) A Wind  
that rose
Though not
a Leaf
In any
Forest stirred
(2) But with  
did cold engage
Beyond the
  Realm of Bird –
(3) A Wind that  
woke a lone
Like Separation's
(4) Restored in  
Arctic Confidence
To the
  Invisible –

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1-2) "The birds, in docile rows, arranged themselves around
their prince — the Wind — is prince of those."
~ (J-0304) (F-0518)
(1-2) "The wind. The Bible chooses that you know to
define the Spirit." ~ (L #407)
(1-4) "That bird of mine, though flown — learneth
beyond the sea, melody new for me, and will return."
~ (L #175) (J-0005) (F-0004) (Biblical reference: Genesis 8:6-11)
(1-4) "Afar upon the wind . . . delight without a cause — arrestless
as invisible — a matter of the skies." ~ (J-0774) (F-0873)
(2) "Science will not trust us with another world." ~ (L #395)
(3) "The fence is the only sanctuary. That
no one invades because no one suspects it." ~ (L #359)
(3-4) "This world is not conclusion; a species stands beyond —
invisible, as music — but positive, as sound!" ~ (J-0501) (F-0373)
(3-4) "'Of all the sounds despatched abroad, there's not a charge
to me like that old measure in the boughs -- that phraseless melody."
~ (J-0321) (F-0334)
(3-4) "'Going home,' was he not an aborigine of the sky?" ~ (L #1040)
(3-4) "It's finer — not to know — if summer were an axiom —
what sorcery had snow?" ~ (J-0191) (F-0213)
(3-4) "To the faithful Absence is condensed presence. To others —
but there are no others." (L #587)
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Photo Credit: USFWS ~ Alaska, Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge,
Potter's Marsh, Mew Gull Chicks (Larus canus)