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Circuit IV - (25) A Little Road Not Made of Man (J-0647) (F-0758)

(1) A little road, not made of man —    
Enabled of the eye,
(2) Accessible to thill of bee,    
Or cart of butterfly;

(3) If town it have — besides itself,   
'Tis that, I cannot say —
(4) I only know — no vehicle
That rumble there bear me.

(Below: an original manuscript version,
without editing or imposed lineation, and without ED's
alternative "vehicle," instead of "curricle," adopted.)

(1) A little Road –  
not made of Man –
Enabled of the Eye –
(2) Accessible to Thill of Bee –
Or Cart of Butterfly –

(3) If Town it have –
beyond itself –
'Tis that – I cannot say –
(4) I only know – no Curricle  
that rumble there
  Bear me –

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1) "Not 'revelation' 'tis that waits, but our unfurnished eyes."
~ (L #280) (J-0685) (F-0500)
(1) "Thomas' faith in anatomy, was stronger than his faith in faith."
~ (L #233) (Biblical ref. John 20:24-29)
(1-4) "Unfulfilled to observation, incomplete — to eye —
but to faith — a revolution in locality." ~ (J-0972) (F-0839)
(1-4) "Winds of summer fields recollect the way — instinct
picking up the key dropped by memory." ~ (J-1147) (F-1149)
(1-4) "To hope with the imagination is inevitable, but to remember —
with it is the most consecrated ecstasy of the will." ~ (L #574)
(2) "A bee his burnished carriage drove boldly to a rose —
combinedly alighting — himself — his carriage was."
~ (J-1339) (F-1351)
(2-4) "Elijah's wagon knew no thill, was innocent of wheel —
Elijah's horses as unique as was his vehicle."
~ (J-1254) (F-1288) (Biblical ref. 2 Kings 2:11)
(3) What deed is theirs unto the general nature — what plan
they severally — retard — or further — unknown —"
~ (J-0742) (Fr-0740)
(3-4) "We must travel abreast with Nature if we want
to know her . . ." ~ (Fragment #119)
(4) "Paradise is no journey because it is within."
~ (Fragment #099)
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Salvia Stem (Salvia guaranitica)