Cupid's Dart (Catananche caerulea)
Emily Dickinson's Nature Mysticism : A Photo Poetic Labyrinth
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Circuit IV - (26) I Send Two Sunsets (J-0308) (F-0557)

(Sent with brilliant flowers, probably at dusk)

(1) I send two sunsets —  
Day and I in competition ran,
(2) I finished two, and several stars,  
While he was making one.

(3) His own is ampler — but as I  
Was saying to a friend,
(4) Mine is the more convenient  
To carry in the hand.

(Below: original letter-manuscript version
without editing or imposed lineation.)

(1) I send Two sunsets –    
Day and I – in com –
petition – ran –
(2) I finished Two, and    
several Stars
While He – was making
One –
(3) His own is ampler    
but as I
Was saying to a friend –
(4) Mine – is the more    
To Carry in the Hand,
  Emily –

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1-4) "These are my introduction . . ." ~ (L #342a)
(ref. whispered to Thomas Wentworth Higginson,
while handing him two day lilies)
(1-2) "Did the "stars differ" from each other in anything but 'glory,'
there would be often envy. ~ (L #669)
(1-2) The competitions of the sky corrodeless ply.
~ (L #669) (J-1494) (F-excluded)
(1-2) "To wane without disparagement in a dissembling hue
that will not let the Eye decide if it abide or no
is Sunset's — perhaps — only."
~ (L #486) (J-1390) (F-1416)
(1-2) "The Orient is in the West." ~ (L #978)
(1-4) "Count not that far that can be had, though sunset lie between —
nor that adjacent, that beside, is further than the sun."
~ (L #318) (J-1074) (F-1124)  
(2-4) "Since some industry must be — the little toil of love,
I thought, be large enough for me." ~ (J-0478) (F-0763)
(3) "Nature rarer uses yellow than another hue — saves she
all of that for sunsets — prodigal of blue." ~ (J-1045) (F-1086)
(3-4) "Intimate — as fugitive as sunset on the snow."
~ (J-1504) (F-1533)
(3-4) "To own her for a friend — a warmth as near as if the sun
were shining in your hand." ~ (L #802) (J-1568) (F-1597)
(3-4) "I've got an arrow here. Loving the hand
that sent it, I the dart revere." ~ (J-1729) (F-0056)
(3-4) "That I could have a friend — so near — who found them
at rare distances — as mints — and precious stones." ~ (L #246)
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Cupid's Dart (Catananche caerulea)