1922 Epenots Pommard Wine Cask
Emily Dickinson's Nature Mysticism : A Photo Poetic Labyrinth
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Circuit II - (11) I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed (J-0214) (F-0207)

(1) I taste a liquor never brewed,  
From tankards scooped in pearl;
(2) Not all the vats upon the Rhine  
Yield such an alcohol!

(3) Inebriate of air am I,  
And debauchee of dew,
(4) Reeling, through endless summer days,  
From inns of molten blue.

(5) When landlords turn the drunken bee    
Out of the foxglove's door,
(6) When butterflies renounce their drams,  
I shall but drink the more!

(7) Till seraphs swing their snowy hats,  
And saints — to windows run,
(8) To see the little tippler  
Leaning against the sun!

~ Emily Dickinson

Commentary adapted from Emily Dickinson's Poems & Letters
(1-4) "I can wade grief, whole pools of it — I'm used to that. But the
least push of joy breaks up my feet, and I tip — drunken."
~ (J-0251) (F-0312)
(2) "Many cross the Rhine in this cup of mine." ~ (J-0123) (F-0107)
(3) "A flask of dew — a bee or two — a breeze —
a caper in the trees — and I'm a rose!" ~ (J-0019) (F-0025)
(3-4) "Write me how many notes there be In the new Robin's ecstasy
among astonished boughs — how many trips the Tortoise makes —
how many cups the Bee partakes, the Debauchee of Dews!"
~ (J-0128) (F-0140)
(3-6) "Drunkards of summer are quite as frequent as drunkards
of wine, and the bee that comes home sober is the butt
of the clover." ~ (L #838)
(4-8) "Oh, sacrament of summer days — Oh, last communion in the
haze, permit a child to join!" ~ (J-0130) (F-0122)
(5) "His oriental heresies exhilarate the bee . . . intoxicated
with the peace surpassing revelry, he spends the evening of his
days in blissful revery, recounting nectars he has known."
~ (J-1526 alternate version) (F-1562)
(5-6) "The bees, from clover rows
their hock, and sherry, draw." ~ (J-0134) (F-0092)
(5-6) "We — Bee and I — live in the quaffing — 'Tisn't all hock
with us, life has its ale." ~ (J-0230) (F-0244)
(8) "Thank her dear power for having come. An
avalanche of sun!"
~ (L #755)
(1-8) (Emily Dickinson's Brandy Fruitcake Recipe)
2 pounds Flour –
2 Sugar –
2 Butter –
19 Eggs –
5 pounds Raisins –
1 1/2 Currants –
1 1/2 Citron –
1/2 pint Brandy –
1/2 – Molasses –
2 Nutmegs [teaspoons] –
5 teaspoons Cloves – Mace – Cinnamon –
2 teaspoons Soda –
Beat Butter and Sugar together –
Add Eggs without beating – and beat the mixture again –
Bake 2 1/2 or three hours, in Cake pans,
or 5 to 6 hours in Milk pan, if full –
~ (L #835a) 
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