Emily Dickinson Photo-Poetic Labyrinth
Emily Dickinson's Nature Mysticism: A Clickable Poetic Labyrinth
Explore a 4-circuit labyrinth (click anywhere on the garden meander above to navigate the links listed below). Includes 32 mystic poems by Emily Dickinson, combining nature spirituality and travel imagery. The labyrinth includes related commentary adapted from ED's own writings, with links to related slideshows INCLUDING: A GARDEN 'TIS...WHAT?

SEE also Wilderness Alaska! and Afterthoughts!, a photo-linked guide to Dickinson's Herbarium, and a comparative copy of the labyrinthian Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila. Offsite, see also Emily Dickinson's Philosophy of the Small.

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Circuit # I

(00) (Preface) The Blunder Is In Estimate (J-1684) (F-1690)

(01) A Route of Evanescence (J-1463) (F-1489)

(02) It Sounded As If the Streets Were Running (J-1397) (F-1454)

(03) Two Butterflies Went Out at Noon (J-0533) (F-0571)

(04) Wild Nights! Wild Nights! (J-0249) (F-0269)

(05) A Spider Sewed at Night (J-1138) (F-1163)

(06) Lightly Stepped a Yellow Star (J-1672) (F-1698)

(07) (Epilogue) Though the Great Waters Sleep (J-1599) (F-1641)

Circuit # II

(08) (Preface) Will there Really Be a "Morning"? (J-0101) (F-0148)

(09) As If I Asked a Common Alms (J-0323) (F-0014)

(10) Let Me Not Mar That Perfect Dream (J-1335) (F-1361)

(11) I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed (J-0214) (F-0207)

(12) A Narrow Fellow in the Grass (J-0986) (F-1096)

(13) How Happy is the Little Stone (J-1510) (F-1570)

(14) The Murmur of a Bee (J-0155) (F-0217)

(15) (Epilogue) The Pedigree of Honey (J-1627) (F-1650)

Circuit # III

(16) (Preface) How Soft a Caterpillar Steps (J-1448) (F-1523)

(17) So, from the Mould (J-0066) (F-0110)

(18) A Bird Came Down the Walk (J-0328) (F-0359)

(19) Further in Summer than the Birds (J-1068) (F-0895)

(20) The Morns are Meeker than They Were (J-0012) (F-0032)

(21) The Sky is Low, the Clouds are Mean (J-1075) (F-1121)

(22) It Sifts from Leaden Sieves (J-0311) (F-0291)

(23) (Epilogue) A Wind that Rose Though Not a Leaf (J-1259) (F-1216)

Circuit # IV

(24) (Preface) There is a Solitude of Space (J-1695) (F-1696)

(25) A Little Road Not Made of Man (J-0647) (F-0758)

(26) I Send Two Sunsets (J-0308) (F-0557)

(27) Nature Is What We See (J-0668) (F-0721)

(28) He Ate and Drank the Precious Words (J-1587) (F-1593)

(29) No Ladder Needs the Birds but Skies (J-1574) (F-1605)

(30) These are the Signs to Nature's Inns (J-1077) (F-1106)

(31) (Epilogue) No Matter Where the Saints Abide (J-1541) (F-1576)

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